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For inquiries, please call: 888-809-8888

LCS Customs offers a wide range of Canadian Customs Broker Services. With access to the CBSA, we can obtain information on your shipment expediently, and take action to clear your shipments with efficiency. Our Toronto based office and our network of associates across the country, allow us to customs clear your shipments with ease, from anywhere, at anytime.

Although our strength lies in Canadian Customs clearance, we have the resources, contacts, and partner you need to clear your shipments into the U.S.

Currently, our services clear cargo at any & all ports and border crossings across Canada. We clear Truck, Ocean, Air, and even Parcel shipments.

Truck Shipment
cargo truck on the road

Clearing a truck shipment with LCS Customs Brokers is easy. All we need from you is a copy of the commercial invoice, also known as the bill of sale. This gives us accurate information on:

  • the type of products you are importing
  • what they are made of
  • and how much you paid for them
  • the value of the goods

The rest of the information needed to clear your truck shipment will be provided by the vendor or shipper. Once your truck is close enough to the border, your trucking company will either email or fax over the bill of lading with PARS info attached. This PARS info details:

  • the weight of the shipment
  • the port of crossing
  • the time of crossing
  • the PARS number
Ocean Shipment
cargo ship

Similar to a truck Shipment, the main information we will require is the commercial invoice, also known as the bill of sale. The rest of the mandatory info needed to clear an ocean shipment will come directly from your vendor or shipper. They will provide us with:

  • A detailed packing list
  • Arrival notice
  • Manifest

It is important to know that clearing Ocean shipments takes more time then other clearances. On average there is a 48 hour delay between your boat arriving and your goods being available for clearance. You cargo must be unloaded from the ship and placed in a warehouse before it can be properly cleared by your Canadian customs broker.

Air Shipment

Clearing Air cargo is very much the same as ocean cargo, only that it takes much less time. Air transport is the fastest way to get your goods from point A to point B, therefore your cargo is removed from the plane and is ready to clear within a short period of time after landing. Be sure to provide your Commercial invoice and your forwarder will send us the following:

  • Packing list
  • Airway bill

Once we have received both and your cargo has landed and been removed from the plane, we can go ahead and submit your shipment to customs.

Parcel/Courier Shipment
Smiling delivery man standing in front of his van

Clearing a parcel shipment with a 3rd party broker has never been this easy. Simply phone your carrier and reference the tracking number. Have the agent update the broker info to LCS Customs Brokers! The courier company (aka: FedEx, UPS) will forward us all appropriate information once it is available include the commercial invoice. It is recommended however that you supply us with a copy of the commercial invoice just in case the courier does not have a copy of their own.