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As an importer or exporter you are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with import and export laws and regulations related to your shipments and declarations made to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Do you know your level of compliance? Our trade compliance assessment program for importers and exporters include a complete risk-lowering review of your importing and exporting practices, procedures, and business process controls.

Unfortunately, trade compliance is very complex. Global trade regulations vary by country and by trade agreements between countries. Import and export regulations, processes and tariffs are evolving, also adding complexity. Ignorance of the laws is no excuse and failure to follow the regulations can result in fines, delays and even the confiscation of goods.

CBSA manages trade compliance by performing audits either randomly or through compliance verification priorities. Each year, in January and July, specific products are identified as audit targets and made public. Certain products are targeted for review of tariff classification, while others are based on validation of their values, origin, or free trade certification. 

Our Trade Compliance services ensure regulatory compliance while mitigating supply chain disruptions and identifying cost savings opportunities for our customers. We use a double quality control process effectively lowering the risk of non-compliance & potential penalties. Each entry is reviewed at the time of entry processing and again prior to entry finalization. At either time LCS will notify you of any potential issues with directions on how to revolve the issue.